Do you want to access WiFi connections for your iPhone and iPod devices? The steps are really very simple for connecting your smart devices with Belkin WiFi range extender network. Remember, you do not need to act panic in any case you do not get access for your Belkin WiFi network. We are available to help you any time you face hurdles with your Belkin WiFi extender.

Follow these Steps if you want to Connect your iPhone and iPod with Belkin Wireless Network

  • First, you will need to select the home screen and go for the “settings” option.
  • You will need to make sure that the WiFi is ON for the home network.

  • From the given list, you will need to select the SSID or wireless network name you want to connect with.

  • Simply enter the “Password” for accessing your Belkin WiFi extender and click on “Join” option.

  • Your smart device is now connected with Belkin WiFi extender network.

These are simple steps for connecting your iPhone and iPod with Belkin WiFi extender home network. We are available for 24 hours to help you so feel free to contact us regarding the problems you are having with You can contact regarding problems like www Belkin setup, www Belkin range setup, www Belkin com setup, http www Belkin setup, www Belkin setup wireless network, www Belkin router setup, www Belkin setup range, Belkin router setup page, Belkin router setup, Belkin range setup, Belkin setup page and Belkin wireless router setup